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5 Mistakes That Stop You From Getting Clients

Starting and running a business can If you’re wondering why you’re not getting clients right now, there are some common mistakes that you can correct right away

What’s a Signature Offer?

What’s a signature offer and how can it help you stand out in a crowded market? Think of your signature offer as your “crown jewel” or “showstopper”

Marketing Like a Boss: Lessons from Marie Forleo’s Coaching

Hey there, friend! Let's talk about Marie Forleo and her marketing wisdom. She's a total boss who's inspired many to follow their dreams and create successful businesses -yours truly included. Here are three lessons we can learn from her from a marketing perspective,...

Got Peanut Butter?

Looking for a creative way to use that peanut butter in your cupboard. If you are seeking a creative use of peanut butter and your oatmeal is boring here is what you can do. Make your oatmeal, add a tablespoon per serving- you will be amazed!! at the flavor it...

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Sweet Treat for your Special Valentine

Sweet Treat for your Special Valentine

Last week I had the privilege of meeting one of the founders of Fairytale Brownies, Eileen. She was excited to be in their 21st year of baking brownies for a living!!! Was this all she ever did? No, Eileen went to college, earned her degree, worked in corporate America before deciding to “jump ship” and sell brownies as gifts.

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Last minute shopping? Still need some gift ideas for your loooong list of friends this Holiday season? Don't worry! We've got you covered. We’ve handpicked some of our favorite items and we think you’ll love them too. Lashem All-in-One Beauty Rehab $144 Alma & Co....

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How Does Your Pen Write?

    Recently I picked up a new pen. The pen was labeled " MaxGlide stick" by Hub.  It is a simple cap off plastic pen with blue ink. The new buzz word for an easy writing ink pen is that it glides with no smudging or leakage.  Who wants ink on their fingers?  Writing...

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