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How to Give Your Web Developer Access to Google Analytics Account

You’ve teamed up with a marketing agency, learn how to give your web developer access to Google Analytics account for better understanding of your audience and optimize performance.

Ten Tips for a Strong UGC Portfolio

Discover the secrets to creating an impressive UGC portfolio and taking your content game to the next level #UGC #ContentCreation #PortfolioTips

How to Make and Sell Google Sheets on Etsy

Learn how to make and sell Google Sheets spreadsheets on Etsy

Quiet Does The Mind & Body Good!

Quiet Does The Mind & Body Good!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of everyday business life? Do you ever wish you could just shut off the world for a little while and have some quiet time to yourself? Well, guess what? Taking a break from the chaos could actually be good for your business.

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Dress For Success

A number of years ago a gentleman wrote a book entitled "Dress for Success."  He advised women to dress a much like men as possible. Women were to wear dark, somber skirt suits(never pants!), white button-down shirts, floppy bowties, nude stockings and plain, dark...

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Shop Alone

Shopping is not, or should not be, a group endeavor.  It's almost a rite of passage that every teenager takes her six best friends with her when shopping.  It's assumed that by the time a woman reaches the legal drinking age she has enough confidence in her own taste...

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Stand Out from the Crowd of Clutter Naysayers

“Clutter” is as personal as the clothes you wear. What you buy, where you store it, and all the ways you resist getting rid of it, offer clues to your personality—as well as your skills, talents, and gifts. As we set aside judgment, we leave room to discover how we...

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