About Us

In a few words… Our team has the skills and passion to help entrepreneurs create a solid and easy-to-execute online marketing strategy, that turns their online presence into a revenue generating business asset.

We focus on a comprehensive process to determine exactly what avenues would be best to reach your business objectives and revenue goals. Together, our team will craft a precise plan to connect your ideal audience to your site with automated tools and customer relationship management systems.

Our mission is to help you avoid overwhelm and turn your website into an online marketing platform that works for you 24/7

Hello! I’m Alma Steger. I’m founder and chief creative officer of Created by Chicks. I’m a big-picture thinker. I have a formal education on communications and website design + development and I’m obsessed with sharpening my skills continually. I started my professional career as a graphic designer. In my 15+ years experience I’ve handled public relations, sales, media buys, and advertising for companies big and small. At some point, I decided to learn how to develop those sites that I was designing. I got so passionate about it that I went back to school and for the past 8 years I have learned from some of the smartest mentors out there.

Why would this matter to you? Because, unlike most website designers, I’m not most concern about how pretty a website looks. I understand the point of having a website is to sell a product or service. Don’t get me wrong I love a beautiful looking site but you can’t deposit pretty in the bank. So, when your customers/clients visit your website my goal is not to hear “wow! what a great looking site!” but  “wow! I need to get that product or service!” — and maybe, just maybe a “who did you hire?”.

During our time working together, you can expect a lot of feedback as far as how your website —or any project for that matter, is looking and what my recommendations are for it to work/function/sell better, not just if that color or the other looks prettiest.

I’m passionate about design, business, fashion, new technology, books, art, languages and making the world a better place… in between school drop offs, diaper changes, errands and overall managing a house and trying to balance way too many balls — running a business while running a family is no joke, my friend.

Ready to make big things happen?